Thibaud Marechal

When Bitcoin Melts The System, Prosperity Steps In

“The logical construct behind the dissection of today’s evils is actually very simple: money is broken; fix the money, fix the world.” – Thibaud Marechal

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The Great Plague of Shitcoinery

“Battles in the money market aren’t about incremental technology features, but fundamental monetary properties. Bitcoin is a pragmatic monetary evolution, which contrasts with shitcoin issuers misrepresenting a delusional technology revolution.” – Thibaud Marechal

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A Monetary Layer for the Internet

“The project was initially understood as yet another doomed attempt to construct a digital currency by the disillusioned cypherpunk community. And without anyone’s permission, Bitcoin slowly emerged and diligently grew to become adopted by a small group of computer researchers, cryptographers and engineers curious to decipher the technology.” – Thibaud Marechal

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