Rusty Russell

57 Varieties of Pyrite

“Incentives have driven exchanges to become casinos, and they’re doing exactly what you’d expect unregulated casinos to do. This is no place you ever want to send anyone.” – Rusty Russell

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Reboot – The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin

A most profound aspect of Bitcoin is that we know, with certainty, what the monetary policy will be no matter how far we look into the future. If we choose to secure sound money for the world, then we have to establish the important markets, build the tools and protocols, and most importantly make the tough decisions now, instead of kicking the can down the road.

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Letting a Million Channels Bloom

The Lightning Network does, in fact, have scaling problems of its own. When the network grows to millions of channels we obviously won’t be able to run it on a Raspberry Pi. Don’t tell Rusty Russell or Joe Netti that, because they’ll just build their own network and do it. Another major milestone in Lightning development, the release of the Million Channels Project!

Today we are reading & discussing, from the Blockstream blog, “Letting a Million Channels Bloom.”

Check out the official post for the network data, charts and optimization benchmarks. Follow the blog and developers involved to stay up on the incredible work they are doing to bring Lightning to the world.

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The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin

“The Third Era will start with civil war” -Rusty Russell

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Announcing C-Lightning 0.6

“All three of the Lightning implementations (Eclair, lnd, & c-lightning) are now in beta!” – Christian Decker & Rusty Russell

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