Erik Cason

Dawn of the Age of Bitcoin with Erik Cason

Bitcoin and the cryptographic systems that empower it, are not merely another new tech to make use of. They are a fundamental shift in the ability to defend value from organized violence. The impact on the world will be impossible to measure. We go deep down the rabbit hole in this excellent chat with Erik Cason, author of the blog.

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Crypto, Truth & Power

“I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto, Whoever he/she/it/them is/was, was first and foremost a strategist of the cypherpunk traditions. This is extremely important because we need to understand the motivational ideology was not one of any sort of state capitalist nature, or idiotic wealth fantasies of lambos and other childish bullshit, but an explicit crypto-anarchist one .” – Erik Cason

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The Political Theology of Bitcoin

authority, not truth makes legitimacy… it is truth, not authority that makes legitimacy with Bitcoin.” – Erik Cason

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