What is Money Anyway? Part 3 [Lyn Alden]

“Like any powerful technology, bitcoin can be used for good or ill. As proponents of the technology like to say, bitcoin is “money for enemies” because it’s a bearer asset that can be verified rather than trusted, and it’s hard to block payments for anyone. It’s like a commodity; something that can be partially regulated within certain jurisdictions but that in the holistic sense, exists outside of anyone’s control.” – Lyn Alden

Today we hit the third and final part of Lyn Alden’s incredible breakdown of the history and nature of money, and how it enlightens the changing monetary landscape and the rise of digital assets. Check out the tons of great links and other works below to continue down the rabbit hole:

Original article: https://www.lynalden.com/what-is-money/

Nick Szabo – Shelling Out: https://bitcoinaudible.com/reboot-shelling-out-the-origins-of-money-nick-szabo/

Wittgenstein’s Money: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1eVvYlfTRG7zGjkZW8klIE?si=02d4eaa72fe642c4

Bitcoin First: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2bbmhdkHH1vcM31uo5Mimd?si=1dbebc2c2a9e46a1

Bitcoin Energy Consumption isn’t a Problem. Here’s Why: https://www.lynalden.com/bitcoin-energy/

Banks, QE, & Money Printing: https://www.lynalden.com/money-printing/

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