Riding the Lightning Network [Sam Callahan]

“Despite all of these constraints, the free market finally provided the competition these incumbent banks so desperately needed. Bitcoin and the Lightning Network have arrived to show the world that we finally have the technology available to bring cheap global payments to everyone in the world.” – Sam Callahan

Today we dig into the absolute mess of differing standards, wall gardens, high fees, jurisdictional conflict, & liability risks that abound in our global financial and payments infrastructure. Why are cross border payments so slow and so expensive, and why specifically is it so much worse in the areas of the world where it is most higher needed? We explore all of this with Sam Callahan and the SwanBitcoin blog and dig into the fundamental reasons why Bitcoin and Lightning are here to finally, after decades of failed attempts and half measure, finally bring competition and innovation in a sphere that is absolutely ripe for massive disruption. Don’t miss this episode

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