There is this wonderfully vague idea that I endlessly hear about called “Satoshi’s Vision.” I’ve read many differing supposed “visions” of Satoshi’s and the only constant between them is that it was also the opinion of the person explaining it to me.Taking a stroll through the history and development of Bitcoin Cash in my article: How Many Forks Does it Take to Get to the Center of Satoshi’s Vision? Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node:03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node:31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t
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