Proof of Life

“Ralph Merkle… made the argument that Bitcoin is the first example of a new form of life. In this article series, I intend to take this claim seriously, explore it further, and see what can be gleaned from viewing Bitcoin as a living organism.”

Today we read and discuss the first part of a promising new series from Bitcoin enthusiast and author @DerGigi, titled “Proof of Life.”  It will be the perfect precursor to tomorrow’s interview with @Dergigi and @bquittem all about the nature of Bitcoin’s decentralized organism!  You will hate yourself if you miss this one!

Drop some serious applause on the article over at Gigi‘s Medium page, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter as well:

For more great content on this same line of thought, Quittem‘s Mycelium series provides brilliant accompaniment, start with Part 1 below:

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