Reboot – The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin [Rusty Russell]

A most profound aspect of Bitcoin is that we know, with certainty, what the monetary policy will be no matter how far we look into the future. If we choose to secure sound money for the world, then we have to establish the important markets, build the tools and protocols, and most importantly make the tough decisions *now, * instead of kicking the can down the road. Following the first era, this required a change with how we used this incredible resource.  And just like last time, we will have to change again. The Third Era will come with yet another Bitcoin civil war. Are we preparing for that future, or are we complacent in the present?

A new recording with some fresh commentary, we read a great piece that I totally forgot I had already covered on the show, but that deserves a second round anyway, Rusty Russell‘s “The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin

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