Reboot – Bitcoin & Software Reliability

"With Bitcoin, lives and money are at stake. Interruption of its service can cause a cascade of losses and unintended consequences for potentially millions of people and billions of fiat dollars. If it is possible to build a Bitcoin that cannot fail, that should be the goal, and no compromise should be acceptable." — Beautyon

Before we get into a Guy'a Take to continue our FUD Relief series – addressing the failures to understand the value and purpose of Bitcoin – it's time to bring a brilliant piece back from the archive, update the audio and give some fresh commentary to set the stage for tackling another common misconception of "progress" when it comes to the bitcoin perspective. If there was a top tier of articles that are must-listens to grasp bitcoin, this would be in it. Let's dive in.

Check out the original article at: Bitcoin and Software Reliability by Beautyon | Medium

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