Read_808 – Bitcoin is Worse than a Ponzi, It’s An Insurrection

"Bitcoin will probably crash again but it is neither a Ponzi scheme nor a bubble – it’s something far worse: It is an inherently secure, tightly-controlled asset with a regulated supply, and is therefore a subversion to the whole basis of free-market financial capitalism."

~ Alan Kohler

What if Bitcoin is actually much worse than a Ponzi scheme? What if it's both here to stay, but also a total subversion to the very idea of the system we are currently in? Could this be another insurrectionist attack on this great nation and others? What if the systems that keep us safe and keep our financial system secure and solvent were to be undermined by a new rogue asset, that could threaten the foundations of all we have built? Find out the dangers of Bitcoin in today's read by Alan Kohler…

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