Read_802 – How Inflation Destroys Civilization

"The foregoing considerations are by no means an exhaustive account of the cultural and spiritual legacy of fiat inflation. But they should suffice to substantiate the main point: that fiat inflaiton is a powerhouse of social, economic, cultural, and spiritual destruction."

Fiat inflation is more than a hidden tax on everyday folks—it's the fuel for the worst parts of our system, feeding both the war monster overseas and a creeping police state at home. It fosters a culture where impulsive, harmful choices are rewarded, punishing those who live sensibly and plan for tomorrow. It's a thief that strips us of our wealth, our values, and our spirit. Dive into today's must-read from Jorg Guido Hulsmann at the Mises Institute, and see the society rotting symptoms of the fiat disease.

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