Read_800 – Mining Misinformation – How the UN Misrepresents Bitcoin Mining

"For too long, the world has had to endure the fallout of subpar academic research on bitcoin mining’s energy use and environmental impact. The outcome of this bullshit research has been shocking news headlines that have turned some well-meaning people into angry politicians and deranged activists. So that you never have to endure the brutality of one of these sloppy papers, I’ve sacrificed my soul to the bitcoin mining gods and performed a full-scale analysis of a study from the United Nations University, published recently in the American Geophysical Union’s Earth’s Future. Only the bravest and hardest of all bitcoin autists may proceed to the following paragraphs, the rest of you can go back to watching the price chart."

~ Margot Paez

The battle for common sense in Bitcoin regulation and understanding of its energy use and environmental footprint may not ever be winnable, but in the course of the war on garbage research, if from time to time we get entertaining and scathing articles like this one from Margot Paez that tears apart their research… maybe it'll all be worth it.

A major shout out to for their incredible work.

Check out the original article at Mining Misinformation: How The United Nations University Misrepresents Bitcoin's Energy Use (Link:

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