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"NWC is useful for far more than simply integrating Lightning into Nostr applications as well. The entire design philosophy of Nostr itself as a protocol was centered around keeping it simple enough that the entire protocol could be easily implemented correctly by any developer with minimal time and resources. Applications that have nothing to do with Nostr can easily integrate NWC or similar protocols with almost no overhead or complexity to address the underlying issues of how to connect a Bitcoin wallet with their application without having to build it directly into the app."

What if some of the biggest improvements in security, decentralization, and the power of Bitcoin and its app ecosystem, isn't a new OP_CODE or functionality of the bitcoin client, but instead the utilization of something completely separate? What if we can use Nostr, or other decentralized protocols, as identity and coordination layers for Bitcoin apps, so new applications can quickly and easily communicate, and connect to other devices and wallets, without the incredible overhead and complexity that this usually entails? This, is Nostr Wallet Connect.

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