Read_798 – Quantum Computing’s Reality Check

The main promise of quantum computing is the ability to solve problems far faster than classical computers, but exactly how much faster varies. There are two applications where quantum algorithms appear to provide an exponential speed up, says Troyer. One is factoring large numbers, which could make it possible to break the public key encryption the internet is built on. The other is simulating quantum systems, which could have applications in chemistry and materials science."

~ Edd Gent

Is Bitcoin destined to fall when quantum computers make their debut? Is the encryption that underpins the entire design of the system at risk this year? This decade? This century? What is the real story behind quantum computing and is there anything we can know from looking at the industry today and where it has, or has not succeeded, in living up to its many promises? Find out in today's episode.

Check out the original article at Quantum Computing’s Hard, Cold Reality Check Hype is everywhere, skeptics say, and practical applications are still far away. (Link:

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