Read_796 – Stranded – How Bitcoin is Saving Wasted Energy

"One night during my visit to Bondo, Carl asked me to pause as the sunset was fading, to look at the hills around us: the lights were all turning on, all across the foothills of Mt. Mulanje. It was a powerful sight to see, and staggering to think that Bitcoin is helping to make it happen as it converts wasted energy into human progress."

~ Alex Gladstein

Can you imagine what it may be like to lack access to the most basic necessities like electricity, only to finally have the opportunity to turn your lights on as the sun sets, due to a room of computers, hashing away for the Bitcoin network? Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation brings us another incredible piece on how Bitcoin is freeing both the persecuted people and the wasted energy on the African continent. Not in some theoretical sense or some future hypothetical scenario, but today for real people. If you listen to any articles this week, this is the one not to miss.

Check out the original article on Bitcoin Magazine: STRANDED – How Bitcoin is Saving Wasted Energy in Africa. (Link:

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