Read_792 – How CTV Helps Scale Bitcoin

"Part of the problem of Lightning’s shortcoming regarding scalability of Bitcoin ownership is that in order to open a channel, or control a UTXO, you actually have to transact on the base layer. After that Lightning can facilitate a very large number of transactions off-chain but a user must still transact on-chain to onboard themselves to Lightning, It massively increases the number of transactions Bitcoin can process but it does nothing at all to increase the number of people who can own bitcoin.

~ Shinobi

With scaling a hot issue again, and CTV coming back from the dead with concrete proposals, and covenants on the table, its time to dive back in and make sense of the options, and the concept of scaling not just bitcoin payments, as lightning has done, but Bitcoin ownership. From UTXOs to virtual UTXOs, could this primitive be the next major step in bringing Bitcoin sovereignty to the whole world?

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