Read_784 – How FinCEN May Be Violating your Rights

"I’ve done an overall analysis of the proposal by addressing seven different sections of where FinCEN is attempting to infringe on your rights. From violating the sanctity of your personal information and restricting your financial autonomy, to stifling your freedom of speech and association, I’ll unpack each area. This is about shining a light on the fine print, connecting the dots, and equipping you with the knowledge you need to stand up against these intrusive measures. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and protect the liberties that define us."

~ Preston Pysh

FinCEN has taken it upon themselves, by the permission of the PATRIOT ACT, to unilaterally enforce an onerous reporting and surveillance apparatus on all digital currency services and providers, in a vague and burdensome violation of the basic right to privacy and protection against warrantless search in their proposed FINCEN-2023-0016 Rule. Hear Preston Pysh do an incredible breakdown and response to each element to help you make sense of this overreach and how to stand in its way.

The Guy's Take in this episode begins at 2:03:50

Check out the original article at Analysis of FinCEN Policy FINCEN-2023-0016: Overreach and Impact on Individual Rights — #jointheeclipse

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Federal Register :: Proposal of Special Measure Regarding Convertible Virtual Currency Mixing, as a Class of Transactions of Primary Money Laundering Concern (Link:

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