Read_781 – The Censorship Industrial Complex, CTIL Files 01

"Many people insist that governments aren't involved in censorship, but they are. And now, a whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivaling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance."

~ Michael Shellenberger

From time we time we get a lucky glimpse into the mindset and tactics of the counterfeit class. Exposing their crimes and systems of manipulation. Today we uncover more, thanks to the help of an anonymous, brave whistleblower, we find a public-private partnership to systematically censor political opposition and deliberate manipulate the narrative and cover up the truth. When you control the flow of information, you control the limits of belief. They not only knew this, but used it as a pillar in a framework to defame, discredit, attack, propagandize, and use fake accounts to openly harass anyone who told "the wrong version" of the truth. A peak inside the Censorship Industrial Complex.

What does this have to do with Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a system that exists at multiple layers of society. The free flow of information is critical to securing the communication and social layers of the system. There is no solution to censorship in centralized platforms. I urge you to explore Nostr, Holepunch, and Bitcoin/Lightning if you haven't. This is a technology problem, and we have the solutions.

Check out the original thread at Bitcoin Audible – CTIL Files #1 (Link:

For the other references made in the episode

Bitcoin Audible – Read_681 – The Twitter Files – Part 1 [Matt Taibbi] (Link:

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