Read_778 – Durabit, Incentivizing Torrent Seeders

"A recent anonymous proposal specifies a system using timelocked Bitcoin transactions and chaumian ecash mints to create an economic incentive for BitTorrent users to seed files."

~ Shinobi

Bittorrent was one of the most important protocols in the world during its day, but it always had one striking drawback, for any content that wasn't very popular, availability was always a problem. Even more so today as the network has found itself a smaller and more fringe part of internet culture. What if there was a way to incentivize seeders to return? To bring the P2P protocol back into its element?

An anonymous proposal called Durabit, seeks to marry bitcoin, ecash, and bittorrent, to potentially breathe new life into the old P2P system. Listen to today's episode to learn more.


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"The universe, our physical universe, has that property that makes it possible for an individual or a group of individuals to reliably, automatically, even without knowing, encipher something, so that all the resources and all the political will of the strongest superpower on earth may not decipher it. And the paths of encipherment between people can mesh together to create regions free from the coercive force of the outer state. Free from mass interception. Free from state control."

~ Julian Assange

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