Read_776 – Banks Without Bankers

"Unique to the emergent Bitcoin financial system is the application of cryptography to fundamental financial functions. Novel technologies exist, are being built, and have been theorized that will enable previously unseen functionalities, robustness, and, ultimately, competition amongst Bitcoin financial intermediaries. Key to these novelties is the characteristic of peer-to-peer (“P2P”) exchange; that Bitcoin financial intermediaries will surely exist as commercial options, but that newly possible direct manipulation and exchange will exist as well."

-Eric Yakes

The future of Bitcoin remains uncertain in terms of scalability, privacy, storage, and payment applications. The application of cryptography to financial functions introduces novel technologies and potential competition among intermediaries. Can Bitcoin achieve true decentralization? Or will trusted third parties jeopardize the entire system? How will the balance between custodial and self-custodial options shape the future of Bitcoin? In Eric Yakes’ analysis, he explores the implications of the new financial paradigm we find ourselves in as Bitcoin continues to assert its dominance as an asset enabling true financial sovereignty.

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