Read_772 – Easier Way to Bootstrap the UTXO Set

"After four years of work, James O'Beirne's assumeutxo option to allow instant UTXO set bootstrapping for your Bitcoin node is merged into Bitcoin Core." — Shinobi

There has always been a gap between the sovereignty, privacy, and security of software, and the usability of it. But thanks to an enormous amount of work and brilliant developers, day by day that gap is getting smaller. Where the most secure tools, the most robust node setups, the non-custodial options, are getting easier, faster, and more responsive. Today we have an article by Shinobi on another seemingly small, but potentially very impactful development on bootstrapping a new node, with assumeutxo finally merged, into Bitcoin Core. If you want to know what that means, then don't miss this episode.

Check out the original article at: Bitcoin Magazine

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