Read_771 – Beating Fiat with the Breez SDK

"There used to be tradeoffs between Lightning and fiat: UX vs. sovereignty; UX vs. speed; UX vs. cost; off-the-shelf fiat payment widgets vs. coding a node into an app. With the Breez SDK, Lightning beats fiat across the board. It’s faster to implement (as Ross says, “It’s like one or two API calls to set up a node, one to send a payment and one to receive payment”), cheaper to use, legally less complicated (check your jurisdiction), more private, and the UX is on par with fiat for the user and even better for the developers." — Roy Sheinfeld

If you are curious what the future of lightning is going to look like, or exactly how huge the runway is for adoption and onboarding in the next bull run, then this short article detailing out a simple example will show you just how powerful the Breez SDK + Blockstream Greenlight combo really is. Non-custodial, always online, instant node setup, and zero channel or liquidity management. This is the culmination of everything built in lightning to date, and its going to be a game changer!

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Satimoto Is Beating Fiat with the Breez SDK | Breez Technology –

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