Read_770 – The Big Deal with BitVM

"It requires no consensus changes to Bitcoin at all. The trick is lifting all of that logic off-chain and being able to challenge a few steps of the computation on-chain if the other party asserts a dishonest outcome. In short, BitVM will bring arbitrary Turing-complete computation, in an enforceable way, to bitcoin itself – today."

What if you could enforce the ownership of Bitcoin, with literally any code you could think of writing? That may just be possible, today, without any changes or soft forks to the underlying network, through a system of abstraction that cleverly, and verifiably, allows execution of completely arbitrary code within the Bitcoin script, which will determine the ultimate owner of any bitcoin balance. This, could be massive. A great piece from Shinobi explains, how and why it works…

Check out the original article at: Bitcoin Magazine


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