Read_769 – Orange is the New Green

"Our existing financial system is a mirage of wealth and liquidity, sustained by an ever-expanding money supply. Bitcoin emerges as the ultimate shield against the inevitable reckoning that will shatter this illusion."

— Theo Mogenet

Today, we dive into another great piece from Axiom BTC on the mission to reprice the world in sats. We all understand the incredible benefit of Bitcoin as a long term store of value, and that's its monetary properties give it unique capacity for long term savings. However, too often we hear it is a disaster for short term cash balances. What if this wasn't true? What if there was a possible path to Bitcoin, actually being the *best* short term cash equivalent on a global scale, even *despite* it's volatility? If that intrigues you, don't miss this piece.

Check out the original article at:

Orange Is The New Green — Axiom


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