Read_768 – Living Through the Fall of Rome

"Today historians focus on the symptoms of Rome’s fall, the consequences: The moral decay, the economic decline, the fall in public safety, the multiplying plagues from dysfunctional public services, the hollowed-out military that ultimately invited barbarian invasions. But we know these well – in fact we're living through many of them. What's a lot more interesting is the why. Because that's how you stop it." — Peter St. Onge

Are we living through the Fall of Rome? There are so many parallels with the United States empire today and the Roman Empire of so long ago that its hard to ignore. It's difficult to not think we will see the same fate when we experience so many of the same symptoms, with all of the same underlying causes. But do we have a way out? Is there an alternative? Peter breaks it down for us in another great piece, don't miss it.

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