Read_760 – Drivechain’s Place in Bitcoin’s Future

"To not die, Bitcoin must become more used. The current thesis accepted by most “maximalists” is that Bitcoin will continue to be thought of as an investment and its price will keep increasing, the price movements will bring more attention to it in a virtuous cycle. Eventually enough people will want to hold it so they will start accepting it as a payment for goods and services and then it can start to be used as money."

Today we dive into Fiatjaf's contribution to the sidechains, drivechains and scaling bitcoin to billions series as a follow up to James Obeirne's piece. Bitcoin can still fail, but what would make bitcoin fail and how can we avoid it? Is there a solution we've been sitting on untapped? Could drivechains prevent the undesirable future where the whole world simply ends up trusting custodians? Let's explore in today's episode.

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The place of Drivechain in Bitcoin’s future – Fiatjaf

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