Read_757 – Putting the B in BTC [Anthony Towns]

"The headroom there isn’t unlimited — expect it to show up as fee pressure and backlogs and less ability to quickly resolve transaction storms. And that will in turn make it hard and expensive for people with small stacks to continue to do self-custody on the main chain. At that point, acquiring new high value users means pricing out existing low value users." — Anthony Towns

It's officially Sidechain Week! Because today Anthony Towns takes us through an thought experiment that sets our current best understanding of the scaling problem and the best technological path we have to solve it, as a foundation to see what a Bitcoin future with billions of users really looks like, and what we should expect in the transition to that future. A great piece that will be very useful for our continued discussion of the tools we have to conquer this problem.

Check out the original article at : Putting the B in BTC


– Anthony Towns Twitter

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