Read_756 – Bitcoin, The Trust Anchor in a Sea of Blockchains [Jameson Lopp]

"While bitcoin is still mainly seen as digital currency, it’s essentially a timestamped log with special properties. As such, it can be utilised for far more things than payments and store of value. I presented some of the alternative uses several years ago and the list continues to grow.

Brian Deery, chief scientist at Factom, wrote an excellent history of time-stamping, in which he argues that a secure timestamped record wasn’t feasible before the existence of secure digital value."

Jameson Lopp

Today we dive into another great piece from Jameson Lopp that takes us back to 2016 on understanding the value of Bitcoin's creation of its own sense of time, how it accomplishes it, and why its the most secure blockchain.

Check out the original article at : Bitcoin: The Trust Anchor in a Sea of Blockchains

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