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"A successful blind merge mined sidechain with significant MEV opportunities could offer Bitcoin significant benefits, which could more than offset the disadvantages." – "Blind merge mining works by a third party running the sidechain, building sidechain blocks and receiving the sidechain fees. This entity then creates a Bitcoin transaction, which passes on these fees to the Bitcoin miners in the form of Bitcoin transaction fees."

Bitmex research

A trustless, high assurance means of moving Bitcoin into, and out of a side-chain, is essentially the holy grail of Bitcoin scaling. It would change the game and potentially be the last piece of the puzzle for a global, interoperable Bitcoin ecosystem where the entire world could truly and completely "hold their own keys." Are Drivechains the best solution, or is it lacking? The always thorough, Bitmex Research covers a great piece on the ins and outs of Paul Sztorc's Drivechain proposal which he has unrelentingly supported for nearly a decade now. Find out in today's show!

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