Read_754 – Bitcoin Is Not Crypto, The SEC Confirms

"Talk to a bitcoin maximalist – someone who believes that bitcoin is the only digital asset with innate value – and, more likely than not, they’ll tell you the world’s oldest cryptocurrency is, in fact, ‘not crypto’ at all.

The refrain can be confusing: clearly, bitcoin pioneered the use of cryptography – an ultra-secure type of encryption – with the aim of creating a digital currency. Bitcoin is the archetypal crypto.

And yet, in the context of how the digital asset marketplace has evolved since 2009, when bitcoin was created, it’s easy to see why maximalists distance themselves from the more generic term" — Martin Leo Rivers

Today we cover some interesting developments from the regulatory landscape. The SEC has officially made statements suggesting that everything in crypto except Bitcoin, is in fact, a security. What does that mean for the space in general, and why is this refrain so common among bitcoiners? Find out in today's read and Guy's take.

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