Read_749 – Economics of Bitcoin as a Settlement Network [Saifedean]

"The obsession with consumer payments in the Bitcoin community is an unfortunate relic of the fiat money era. Generations that have only known monetary hot potatoes that need to be spent before they devalue have come to view life as a quest of mass consumption."Saifedean Ammous

Today we hit an historical piece from the one and only Saifedean on the economics of Bitcoin for global settlement. While so many fail to recognize the deeper value of money, rather than the shallow service of payments, Saif breaks down the fundamental value of Bitcoin's incredible settlement assurances, and the economics that will dominate the system's use in the future. A classic from the Nakamoto Institute.

PS. Yes, I know I skipped a number so we are fixing that today. XD

Heck out the original article plus the incredible list of phenomenal knowledge available at the Nakamoto Institute:

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