Read_747 – The Bondholder’s Burning Platform [Croesus]

"Since 1800, in 51 out of 52 cases where a country’s debt-to-GDP ratio reached 130%, the country eventually defaulted. The only exception is current Japan, who is frankly in the final stages of circling the drain (e.g., central bank asset purchases and yield curve control).

Where is the US now? 129% debt-to-GDP." — Jesse Myers

Don't miss this excellent breakdown and visual analogy for the state of government debt and the promises of the US Treasury and the impossibility of a stable or growing value of the dollar in the future. The debt will be paid, in nominal terms, but the ability to hide the value loss in inflation overseas, is not holding up. Then add to this the BRICS nations establishing an eastern block of economic and monetary power… and you have a recipe for fire. Hope you aren't invested in wood…

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