Read_745 – Every Company Will Be A Lightning Company [Graham Krizek]

"Neither a startup nor a bank will ever be able to cost-effectively compete on a global scale with the Lightning Network." — Graham Krizek

Today we hit a really interesting piece from the founder and CEO of Voltage digging into the recent decades development of every tech company moving to in-house financial instruments and cards. What the problems are that they have sought to get around, why they still get stuck with a plethora of other banking intermediaries, and why lightning not only offers very unique solutions, but also benefits that the fiat alternative can't fundamentally do. Lightning feels like its positioned for another exciting period of growth. Don't miss this short read from Krizek followed by a Guy's Take on why every company, will be a lightning company.

Link to the article on Medium, Every Company Will Be A Lightning Company | by Graham Krizek:

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