Read_743 – How to Position for the Bitcoin Boom, Part 1 [Adamant Research]

"bitcoin is a protocol stack which we can expect to be expanding for many decades, and its foundation is that lean, simple database defended by the world’s strongest firewall; the bitcoin blockchain. In sum, we recommend to not worry about “diversification” in cryptocurrencies and to focus exclusively on bitcoin. It’s the right tool for the job, so pick it up and add it to your toolbox." — Adamant Research

Today we dive into the amazing report from Adamant Research who have marked the key zones in the bear market of Bitcoin for the better part of a decade. Every time they have grounded, thorough analysis of the state of the market, the on-chain data that supports the longer term position in the cycle, and where the most compelling market position Bitcoin is likely to take moving forward.

Check out the original report with tons of graphics and extra details to explore, plus the amazing library of posts and data available from Adamant and Unchained:

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