Read_742 – Trust Me Bro [Allen Farrington]

"Expect BlackRock to turn around and shill this to banks, and in particular big banks, such that JPMorgan, for example, can itself turn around and offer “Bitcoin” to its own clients. Of course, it will be an IOU to the BlackRock Stack O’Sats™ that you can transfer to your friend’s Bank Of America Bitcoin IOU account at your leisure. In other words, in short order, the entirety of the Blue Banks’ asset base becomes a funnel into the matrix of the pseudo-Bitcoin narrative attack vector… on the back of all the previous points, expect BlackRock and Coinbase to dominate flows and hence effectively control pricing." — Allen Farrington

Today we dive into the BlackRock "ETF", what it actually is, what it isn't, and what it means for Bitcoin. It isn't all NgU and sunshine and rainbows.

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“Once wide coercive powers are given to government agencies…such powers cannot be effectively controlled.” — F.A. Hayek

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