Read_740 – What Are the Key Properties of Bitcoin [Jameson Lopp]

"What is Bitcoin? Many have attempted to answer this question, but I believe that our quest to do so is doomed to continue in perpetuity. The continuing development of the protocol is where the cutting edge of research into what Bitcoin is and discussion about what it should strive to be actually occurs.

It can be tricky for newcomers to wrap their head around what sort of proposals are more likely to be accepted for Bitcoin because there are plenty of unwritten rules regarding protocol changes. Some of these rules are more on the philosophical side, some are more on the engineering and security side, and some are a blend of the two." — Jameson Lopp

We've done numerous reads on this show trying to break down the principles and characteristics of Bitcoin, but each often brings something unique and new to the discussion. The discovery of what Bitcoin is simply doesn't have a concrete answer or final solution, its a process of observing it and the endless elements that create it. We have a great piece by Lopp today that tries to shed a little more light on that unknowable thing we call Bitcoin.

Check out the original article below plus an incredible catalog of reading material about bitcoin:

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