Read_739 – The State of Zapvertising [The Same Cat]

"Zapvertising has two forms, and I believe there is a crucial difference between the two. In one version, a company or creator zaps a ton of notes on the Nostr feed. Blockstream has done this for a couple of days at a time, to great success. It is very unobtrusive. Just a gentle reminder that they are there, and it is a way to earn good will that may lead to follows and possibly conversion to sales. This method has already proven itself to be fairly successful, as I think the amount of goodwill towards Blockstream shown in the timeline has shown. There is very little downside to this method…" — The Same Cat

Today we talk about another new entrant into the ideas of monetizing the decentralized web, with Zapvertising. I have limited first hand experience with this but the article caught my eye and I had to explore. Seeing as this is a fresh concept I'm really interested to hear anyone's feedback on my take at the end, and the stance of this article. There's much to explore, so let's get into with an article at, by first time author, "the same cat."

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