Read_733 – Mint the Future With Taproot Assets [Ryan Gentry]

"an unbounded number of assets can be minted and/or moved in a single on-chain transaction. This off-chain first design enables asset minters and transactors to enjoy the permissionless nature of the bitcoin blockchain and scale their businesses without running into bitcoin’s scaling constraints. Users will soon be able to integrate their assets into the Lightning Network for instant, high volume, low-fee transactions. This leverages existing network effects and the install base of wallets, exchanges, and merchants, instead of needing to bootstrap a new ecosystem from scratch." — Ryan Gentry

With the issuance of assets on the Bitcoin network seeing a sudden surge, Taproot Assets drops there initial release at a very opportune time. Taproot Assets is a game-changing solution for scalable and efficient asset issuance and transfer on top of the bitcoin ecosystem. Seamlessly integrate with the Lightning Network for instant, low-fee transactions and enjoy developer-friendly tools designed for global accessibility. Don't miss this excellent episode.

Check out the original article plus the other great things built by Lightning Labs at the link below:

Mint the Future with Taproot Assets v0.2 –

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