Read_727 – The Banking Crisis Stays, & the Treasury is Broke [Nik Bhatia, Joe Consorti]

“The fall of First Republic Bank was the second-largest bank failure by assets in US history, putting us in the 2008 conversation. Times are different, but the bank failures are relatable in size. The total assets of three 2023 failures have already eclipsed the total assets of all the banks that failed during the Great Financial Crisis” — Nik Bhatia, Joe Consorti

Today we dive into a short breakdown of the breakdown of the banking system with The Bitcoin Layer. The banking crisis is here to stay, the Treasury is even more broke than they guessed, interest rates are still going up, inflation isn’t stopping, and what does this all mean for our money, and our Bitcoin? Find out in today’s episode.

Check out the original, plus tons of other great updates in The Bitcoin Layer, and the eye opening visuals that come with this article at the link:

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