Read_719 – All You Can Hold for Five Bucks [Joseph Mitchell]

““In the old days they didn’t even use tables and chairs. They sat on beer crates and ate off the tops of beer barrels. You’d be surprised how much fun that was. Somehow it made old men feel young again. And they’d drink beer out of cans or growlers. Those beefsteaks were run in halls or the cellars or back rooms of big saloons. There was always sawdust on the floor. Sometimes they had one in a bowling alley. They would cover the alleys with tarpaulin and set the boxes and barrels in the aisles. The men ate with their fingers. They never served potatoes in those days. Too filling. They take up room that rightfully belongs to meat and beer.”

Have you ever been to a TRUE beefsteak, do you even know what one is? AwaySlice throws the most epic of beefsteaks and there is one coming very soon in Miami around the Bitcoin2023 conference. Stay tuned and if he sharees the link with me, I will have it here in the show notes, so don’t forget to check back.

But today we dive into the article he shares on the tradition, the origins, and the heart of where the beefsteak began. Written in 1939, it is both fascinating and hilarious merely as a representation of the times, and is equal parts mouth watering in its description of the food and festivities. If you don’t walk away dreaming of steak and beer, then you weren’t paying attention. Stay to the end for one of my favorite quotes that needed a fitting read, and this one felt like it.

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