Read_711 – The Future Geopolitical Order and Bitcoin, Part 2 [Matthew Pines]

“One immediate lesson many drew from this event was a reconsideration of the risk of fiat liabilities in an environment where trust is lacking (including the trust not to violate territorial integrity and Westphalian sovereignty). This event reinforced the nature of fiat money as a system of centrally maintained ledger entries denominating a unit of account corresponding to a sovereign authority’s sphere of power. As such, the use of such a liability as a medium of exchange (or store of value) is contingent on the political assent of that sovereign authority.” – Matthew Pines

Today we finish Matthew Pines excellent piece breaking down the domains of geopolitical and monetary contest across the major political forces in the world. In Part 2 we lay out the potential outcomes and shifts likely to take place, where the greatest opportunities and risk may lie for certain blocs of state actors, and how Bitcoin is likely to fit into this new, global, monetary disorder. This is a great one for a foundation on the movements of the geopolitical world.

Mentioned in the guy’s take was my recent show with John Vallis on the banking crisis:

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