Read_705 – Bitcoin’s Full Potential Valuation [Croesus]

“But for me, when I think about what Bitcoin’s properties are as a store-of-value asset and then compare those properties to the existing store-of-value assets out there… Bitcoin is by far the best. 
For that matter, if Bitcoin continues to outperform because of its unparalleled properties (and the world begins to come to terms with the reasons for that performance), it is a real stretch to say that Bitcoin will only convince 30% of the money stored in bonds and fiat money to re-allocate to Bitcoin. Particularly because of the scale of inflationary money printing that will be necessary over the coming decade to service the mounting national debts and unfunded liabilities throughout the world.” – Croesus

Sure we are going to the moon… but how high might that be exactly? As a fun follow up to Aleks Svetski’s “Three Generations” until we reach a Bitcoin world, let’s have a little fun at imagining just how much wealth could be built in those generations.

Check out the original for the tables and estimates that will let you explore yourself what potential market makes since to you. Plus the many other links provided for Croesus’s other writings:

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“Admittedly, monetary calculation has its inconveniences and serious defects, but we have certainly nothing better to put in its place, and for the practical purposes of life monetary calcu- lation as it exists under a sound monetary system always suf- fices. Were we to dispense with it, any economic system of cal- culation would become absolutely impossible.” – Ludwig Von Mises
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