Read_699 – What is Nostr? How Does it Work? And Why Does it Matter? [BTCtimes}

One thing to make abundantly clear: Nostr is a protocol. It’s a set of rules that servers and clients use to communicate (just like Bitcoin, email or Bittorrent). Nostr is not an app nor a “platform” (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), but many applications can be built on top of Nostr. In the words of Edward Snowden, “If a platform is a silo, a protocol is a river: no one owns it, and everyone is free to swim.” – Walker V.

If you have been hearing about this Nostr thing, and wanted to know what it was and how to find and use it… this is the episode for you. The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet. Follow the link below for the great resources shared in the article and to get started with Nostr today!

Check out the Nostrovia podcast if you want to take a deep dive!

Walker’s Nostr Pubkey: npub1cj8znuztfqkvq89pl8hceph0svvvqk0qay6nydgk9uyq7fhpfsgsqwrz4u
Guy’s Nostr Pubkey: npub1h8nk2346qezka5cpm8jjh3yl5j88pf4ly2ptu7s6uu55wcfqy0wq36rpev

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