Read_691 – A Native Protocol for Social Media [Jack Dorsey]

The problem today is that we have companies who own both the protocol and discovery of content. Which ultimately puts one person in charge of what’s available and seen, or not. This is by definition a single point of failure, no matter how great the person, and over time will fracture the public conversation, and may lead to more control by governments and corporations around the world.” – Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey makes the case for a native social media protocol in this short, but important piece reflecting on the failures of Twitter, and the potential hope for fixing its problems indefinitely into the future. One of the most important issues today, sparking a long Guy’s Take in this episode on what I think lies ahead of us, and what I hope I can contribute to the cause in this coming year. This is something that we can’t sit on and wait to solve, let’s do it now.

If you want to get in touch with me about possible development or work related to these projects OR you are interested in helping to devote resources to this cause as well. Feel free to contact me and maybe we can make something happen. DM on Twitter @TheGuySwann or contact me at the bottom of the page at

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– John Adams
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