Read_689 – The Rediscovery of Money [dergigi]

“If your money requires permission to be spent, it is not your money. If your money has counterparty risk, it is not money—but credit. If your money steals from you, it is not your money—but a control and financing mechanism of your government. If your money requires identity, it is not money but a social credit score system.” – Dergigi

Today we dive into a short but excellent piece by Gigi in his new collection of recent articles and works around his new book, 21 Ways. Don’t miss the original 21 Lessons that you can find on Audible, and on gigi’s website. And the tons of further rabbit hole journey available in the links throughout this article found at the link below:

Other episodes referenced in today’s show that are definite listens if you haven’t heard them yet, and also important listens if you haven’t heard them recently:
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“The basic causes of change are precisely those that are not subject to conscious control.”  
― James Dale Davidson, The Sovereign Individual
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