Read_687 – How the IMF and World Bank Repress Poor Countries, Part 5 [Alex Gladstein]

“Research from Mexico — a typical country in terms of consistent involvement historically from the Bank and Fund — shows that for every 2% decrease in GDP, the mortality rate increased by 1%.
Now consider that as a result of structural adjustment, the GDP of dozens of countries in the Third World between the 1960s and 1990s suffered double-digit contractions. Despite massive population growth, many of these economies stagnated or shrank over 15-25 year periods. Meaning: the Bank and the Fund’s policies likely killed tens of millions of people.” – Alex Gladstein

Today we finally complete Gladstein’s amazing piece on the parasitic system being perpetrated and expanded by the IMF and World Bank, and touching on the faint hope that its days may finally be numbered.

We are jumping right into the middle of it, so don’t forget to listen to Part 1, 2, & 3 if you haven’t yet, otherwise this will be confusing, lol:
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