Read_677 – Maturation of Lightning, Growing Up By Going Vertical [Roy Sheinfeld]

“As the Web became much more complex, we now engage with multiple companies for each of those functions. Including all the writing, editing, commenting, revising, and so on, even a simple post like this one will involve the services of a few ISPs, a few email providers, a few cloud storage platforms, a few cloud text editors, a few image repositories, and who knows how many background services.
And now it’s happening to Lightning. Like any social system, our network is constantly evolving, and it looks very different now compared to how it looked in the beginning. Activity related to Lightning is becoming more specialized, and that specialization is both a symptom of and catalyst for the growth of the network.” – Roy Sheinfeld

Lightning is maturing before our very eyes, and in the process the number and variety of services are exploding. With some major changes ahead and finally seeing the full potential to even change the client/server model on the internet itself, things will start moving very quickly. Bear markets are for building, and Lightning is where we should be focused. Don’t miss another great piece from Roy Sheinfeld at Breez.

Checkout the original plus tons of other great work from Roy and the Breez team below:
For his previous work which I mentioned at the beginning of the show, you’ll find the audio here:

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“We are still in the first minutes, of the first day, of the internet revolution.”
– Scott Cook
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