Read_676 – The State of Man – Proclaim Your Bitcoin, Part 2 [Simply Bitcoin]

“The primary work undertaken by thieves to maintain their systems of thievery is manipulation. Deceit and lies are the tools of the trade for the thief. And there is no grander system of theft than the debt based monetary system of the US dollar, enforced under deadly monopoly powers and perverse amounts of public manipulation.” – Simply Bitcoin
Part 1 =
Listen to Part 1 of the “Proclaim Your Bitcoin” Series if you haven’t yet, and then dive into today’s read of Part 2, the Current State of Man to understand where we are today and what our potential paths into the future are. Both good, and bad.

Check out the original article and the many other works they publish on the Simply Bitcoin substack at the link below:

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“War is Mass Murder, Conscription is Slavery, Taxation is Robbery.”
― Murray N. Rothbard
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