Read_673 – Crypto is Peak Silicon Valley [Allen Farrington]

“My learned opinion is that although your average toxic Bitcoin maximalist might be able to sniff out this bullshit a mile away, Silicon Valley cannot, because Crypto is peak Silicon Valley, and Silicon Valley has sadly become peak fiat.” – Allen Farrington

We bring another great piece by Allen just after our last great piece from Allen, but this time diving into the FTX insanity and how to understand why this and the other recent disasters are obvious consequences of the fiat mentality pervasive in the crypto space. Crypto is Peak Silicon Valley…

Check out the original article and drop some applause on his medium page at the link below:

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“Humans are shit. This thing is addressing problems that don’t exist. It’s solutionism at its worst. We are dumbing down machines that are inherently superior.” – Gilfoyle, from Silicon Valley
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