Read_671 – Greenpeace Attacks Only Galvanize Bitcoiners [Daniel Batten]

“They will come to understand that Bitcoin is hope for non-violent revolutionaries in the environmental movement who seek to end the petrodollar, usher in a world that is not based on the excessive consumption that inflationary (fiat) currencies incentivize, stabilize the intermittency of renewable energy, find a home for new solar and wind on the grid and mitigate methane that would otherwise have become atmosphere-borne and contributed to climate change.” – Daniel Batten

Today we dive into a piece by Daniel Batten showing the power and momentum of the grassroots Bitcoin movement and how it is galvanizing a defense against the ESG misinformation being spread by scammers and political profiteers. Greenpeace decided they were going to “change the code,” but it hasn’t worked out so well. Daniel breaks down why. Don’t miss this fun article at Bitcoin Magazine.

Check out the original article plus tons of other great news and articles at Bitcoin Magazine:

You can find the book mentioned in the commentary as well as a link to Nic Carter’s Annotated WH Report below:

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“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”  
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